Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jamie Lynn Vessels -- Storm Coming

Is there any genre better equipped to tackle love gone sour than the blues? Jamie Lynn Vessels' Storm Coming definitely proves that no, there's not, and all of those bent strings and slides demonstrate what she's going to do to you if she sees your cheating ass again. Vessels has made a name for herself in New Orleans' singer-songwriter community as an electrifying guitar player and Storm Coming cements that reputation.

The title track sets the broader tone of the album, conveying the fear and chaos of the city right before Katrina. Maybe it's because I was too young at the time, but I don't think New York musicians have as consistent a body of work about the shared trauma of 9/11 as I've seen in New Orleans' response to Katrina. Perhaps it's because, over ten years later, Katrina's damage is still visible. Perhaps it's because New Orleans musicians are more invested in their community and have simply lived there longer. Suffice to say, Vessels' spirited playing transitions from the broader, social concern of a community in fear to her more personal struggles with betrayal seamlessly throughout the rest of the album.

Storm Coming is a powerful listen, and the electric songs will surely help fuel your cocktail of grief and anger if you're currently going through a similar experience. However, the album also sees Vessels continuing to develop her songwriting voice. The last two songs of the album, "Burn" and "For Kim," are acoustic numbers that showcase Vessels' powerful vocals. Soon enough, Vessels' lyrics will become as much of a force as her shredding.

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