Friday, September 14, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 30

Von’s sleepy. Rachel saw Romeo and Juliet. Projection is important. Also, bands -- send us your bios!!! Anyway, here’s some more excellent music thoughtfully curated by your pals. 
  1. Escape The Future - “Forever Now” (Forever Now EP)
  2. Brothers Fortune - “Blind Spot” (Singles)
  3. Mercy Bell - “Home” (Home/No Prayer) (All Good Cowboys) 
  4. James Houlihan - “Faded” (The Wheel Still In Spin)
  5. Hang Rounders - “June Bug”
  6. Calan Mai - “XO” (Single) 
  7. Max Garcia Conover - “We’ll Be Friends” (Stagr)
  8. Black Market Salesmen - “Flower Child” (Brainstorm)
  9. Nathaniel Talbot - “Intuition” (Animal)  

Rachel wrote a comic! Check it out here! Contact Von via and say hi to Rachel on Twitter @adobeteardrops

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