Friday, October 26, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 36

Von and the missus have advice for warding off trick or treat extortionism. Rachel has an identity crisis but also a victory against rodent-kind. There’s a lot of heavy ranting, but you knew that. 
  1. The Mulligan Brothers - “Roseanne” (Songs For The Living And Otherwise)
  2. The Last Tycoon - “Jesus Christ, Union Man” (Oppenheimer Blues)
  3. The Artisanals - “Angel 42” (The Artisanals)
  4. The Dead South - “Every Man Needs A Chew” (Illusion & Doubt)
  5. Jon Hatchett Band - “I Wanna Be in Love” (Mother Nature Wins Again)
  6. She Returns From War - “Snakebite” AND “Athena” (Mirrored Moon Dance Hall)
  7. Rich Krueger - “Waltz (Terpsichore)” (It’s Always Christmas in This Bar)” (NOWThen)  
  8. The Builders & The The Butchers - “Never Tell” (The Spark)

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