Monday, October 29, 2018

MUSIC VIDEO: Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light -- "Pieces"

Winter somehow always finds me with that itch to do something -- anything -- everything -- differently. As if my life is somehow in a rut even though everything is running exactly as it should be. "Pieces," the kind of song that finds you when you're doing everything you can to twist the knife deeper into yourself, makes that itch more powerful. Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light's new video drives that feeling home even more so, with members of the band brooding through tumble-down ruins transposed with vast Texan sunsets.

The Austin-based band's seen its share of regrets. Erik Flores, the band's lead-singer, is newly sober, newly a father, and newly relocated from Los Angeles. "Pieces" is a song that dredges up some of that regrettable past and wonders if a future can be built from those broken pieces. The band brings the song to a crescendo that is simultaneously overwhelming and gentle -- much like the creep of winter's discontent.

Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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