Thursday, October 11, 2018

Songs of the Week!

I've got too much music to fit on the podcast and more time to write about it now that I'm not longer doing the Wide Open Country thing. So let's dig in to some tasty Americana, folk, and punk snacks!

Mia and Jonah -- "Sugarbones

Let's kick it off with something a little out of our wheelhouse. Mia and Jonah's "Sugarbones" definitely has that Americana something, though I appreciate the trippy spaciness that is surely inspired by the band's San Francisco stomping grounds. The band's new album Spin as One reflects the birth of Mia Matari and Jonah Blumstein's first child. "Sugarbones" feels like a lullaby and an invitation to take part in all the exciting things the world has to offer.

S.K. Wellington -- "Moment's Bliss"

Canadian singer Sarah Wellington (formerly of the Wellington Folk) has struck out on her own with her new LP. "Moment's Bliss" has that kind of desperate punk sound that makes my heart sing. "Moment's Bliss" contemplates happiness but isn't complacent -- a rare feat.

Grover Anderson -- "The Good"


 Grover Anderson has gotten some love on here before, and I was very excited to see more of his music land on my inbox. Grover's the kind of person with a relentless sense of optimism (hence the title of his 2014 album) who also has his shoes on the ground. "The Good" is a witty reminder to remember that even when things are at their toughest, there's reprieve around the corner.

Rare Americans -- "I Vs. I"

Canadian punk band Rare Americans (huh) brings a ton of energy to "I Vs I," a thrasher of a song that seems to be about the fear of becoming intimate with another person. The band describes themselves as "Crooked in the sense that we see the world a little crooked." That's certainly true of this song -- and it's also definitely catchy as heck.

Edward and Jane 


I thought I'd send us out on Edward and Jane , a six-piece"folkicana" band from Chattanooga, TN led by husband-and-wife duo Timothy Edward Carpenter (guitar/vocals) and Emilie Jane Carpenter (mandolin/vocals). "Hold Your Own" is redolent with gorgeous harmonies and anthemic hooks that all of our heavy hearts could use right now.

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