Thursday, October 25, 2018

Songs of the Week!

It's almost Halloween, so here are a few treats (no tricks -- promise!) to see you through to to the end of your week!

Ben Leece -- "Rebel Alone"

Ben Leece has a voice made for Americana music. The Australian singer-songwriter's new album, No Wonder the World is Exhausted has a poignant title with a humorous origin: when Leece was visiting his favorite record shop, the store's proprietor Chris Dunn became frustrated with his iPhone and shouted out the fated line. It's that kind of sensibility that seems to inform Leece's work, as we can see with his fake gear reviews on this video. "Rebel Alone," itself, however, is packed with the sincerity we need to get us through this world.

Danny Golden -- "Hangover"


I've heard that cocaine can take you places but for Danny Golden that place is, evidently, outer space. The video matches the song's humor (though I strongly question why the aliens are in drag? I realize it's all in good fun but exoticizing the idea of cross-dressing or making jokes about people who wear traditionally women's clothes but don't "pass" smacks of extremely subtle transphobia to me) and tells the story of a night gone truly awry, complete with a sweet hook and strong melodies.

Devon Church -- "Chamomile"


Just to get into the ethereal for a second, Devon Church's "Chamomile" seems to wander into The National's territory, though I suppose it's difficult to avoid comparisons with a voice like that. While the song revels in its spaciousness, it also feels extremely intimate. It's a moment that feels filled with despair, but also a realization that our means of escape don't always need to be extreme.

Molars -- "White Walls"


Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough punk on here. So here's some. I enjoy the way Molars harmonize and the fantastic energy they bring to this song. Could be the nostalgia factor as well, as Molars recalls some of my fondest teenage favorites. Mostly, though, it's the intense sincerity that they bring to their performance.

Earth Warp -- "On a Train"


"On a Train" is a good reminder that letting our ideas have space to grow is important. Earth Warp, aka Tom Byrne, has spent the last few years putting his album Sprout Brook together and it shows. his crack at a train song evokes that gentle melancholy all the best ones do and make it into a personal meditation about life and love.

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