Friday, November 2, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 37

Just another normal episode of Adobe & Teardrops, which means we talk about hair care and totalitarianism. Dad rock bands can get kinda weird. So do witch flash mobs. 
  1. Max Garcia Conover and Haley Heynderickx - “Mother” (Among Horses 2)
  2. Broken Witt Rebels - “Georgia Pine” (Broken Witt Rebels)
  3. Rachel Baiman - “Tent City” (Thanksgiving)
  4. Rhett Miller - “Total Disaster” (The Messenger)
  5. Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers - “Apocalypse (Now & Later)” (Bought To Rot)
  6. Mercy Union - “Silver Dollars” (The Quarry)
  7. ZZ Ward - “Ghost” (The Storm)

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