Friday, November 23, 2018

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 40

Von is back! Elon Musk discourse. When is a song too long? And, of course, a moment for Stan Lee.

  1. Gospel Whiskey Runners - “Keep On Tryin” (Singles)
  2. Bill Mallonee “In the New Dark Age (The Best Thing You Can Do is Fall in Love)” (Forest Full of Wolves)
  3. The Dirty River Boys - “Hopeful Loser” (Mesa Starlight)
  4. Michot’s Melody Makers “Two-Step de ste Marie” (Blood Moon)
  5. Them Vibes - “Nothing Better Than You” (Single)
  6. Alfredo Rodriguez “The Little Dream” (The Little Dream)
  7. Bradley Cooper - “Black Eyes” (A Star Is Born Soundtrack)
  8. Mitch Bradford - “Everybody’s Got Someone to Love (‘Cept You and Me)” (Love Is Kind)
  9. The Regrettes - “Helpless” (Single)
  10. Arrogant Afterglow - “Admission” (Single) 

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