Friday, January 18, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops Episode 46

Happy New Year! Von and Rachel divulge their NYE adventures. We also discuss making the cut for board games and proper wedding behavior (hint: it includes open bars.)

  • Quaker City Night Hawks - “Better In The Morning” (QCNH)
  • Neville Jacobs - “Makeup of a Fool” (Neville Jacobs)
  • Left Lane Cruiser - “Booga Chaka” (Claw Machine Wizard)
  • Jon Reynolds & The Aches - “Tomorrow’s News” (A Fear Of) 
  • Deau Eyes - “Paper Stickers” (Single)
  • Meat Puppets - “Warranty” (Dusty Notes)
  • Liz Brasher -- “Body of Mine” (Painted Image)
  • Criminal Hygiene - “Hardly News” (Run It Again)
  • Float Here Forever - “Brilliant Mind” (Tour the Ruins) 

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