Friday, January 25, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 47

Von’s Irish bar escapades, “brawlers and boozers episode,” Green Day side projects, interview with Jamie Lin Wilson. Japan tourism tips. Find Caleb Caudle’s IndieGoGo here!

  1. Pete Mancini -- “DUI Blues” (Single)
  2. St. Louis & The Walking Dead - “Supernova” (Blue Moon Shuffle)
  3. Cody Jinks - “Lifers” (Lifers)
  4. 500 Miles to Memphis -- “No Doubt About It” (Blessed Be the Damned) 
  5. Blank Range - “Radio” (In Unison)
  6. Bob Sumner -- “Worn Down Boy” (Wasted Love Songs)
  7. These Wild Plains - “Fast & Blue” (Distant Ways)
  8. Brother Dege - “Country Come To Town” (Farmer’s Almanac)
  9. Jamie Lin Wilson Interview
  • “Death & Life”
  • “Alice”
  • “Oklahoma Stars

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