Thursday, February 14, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 51

It’s our Valentine’s Day episode! Awww! Celebrate lurrrrve with these great dedications.
OPENING - Drive-by Truckers - Feb. 14th (A Blessing And A Curse) 
Requested by Chris Jackson
  1. The Vegabonds - “Generation Of Happiness” AND “Best I Can” (V)
  2. *Valentines Dedication*  Jenny Lewis - “Red Bull And Hennessy” (Single)
From Trevor Post to Cassandra Decker
  1. Jerry David DeCicca -- “Jamila Rose” (Burning Daylight Acoustic After-party Version)
  2. *Valentines Dedication*  ICLASOB - “Walk Across Texas” (Creepy Little Noises)
From Mark Potter to his wife Michelle Potter
  1. Atlas Road Crew - “My Own Way AND “You Make It Easy” (Chasing Fire) 
  2. *Valentines Dedication* Jon Snodgrass/Frank Turner - “Buddies” (Buddies)
From Becca Shafer to Dan Shafer
  1. Tucker Riggleman -- “Sublet Blues” (Time Machine)
  2. *Valentines Dedication* Lars Pluto and The Reavers - “Dear Country Music” (The Remote Session)
From Paul Mason to music lovers everywhere
  1. The Marcus King Band - “Where I’m Headed” (Carolina Confessions)
  2. *Valentines Dedication* Chuck Ragan - “Symmetry” (Feast Or Famine)
From Sean McInerney to Carrie McInerney
  1. State Champion -- “My Over, My Under” (Send Flowers)
  2. *Valentines Dedication* Anna Nalick - “Knots” (At Now)
  • From Ceci Cholst to Nathan Zeichner
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