Friday, March 1, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 52

Destination weddings? Meh. Destination bachelor(ette) parties? Why? But on a more serious note, we discuss both Ryan Adams and Lydia Loveless towards the end of the episode. (We’ll tell you when if it’s difficult for you to listen to.)
Trauma is hard and you should not go it alone. Reach out to RAINN for 24/7 conversations (text or chat) or the Anti-Violence Project for queer-competent care (also 24/7).Get your tickets for Matt Woods here
  1. Francie Moon - “Present Tense” (New Morning Light)
  2. Yola - “Love All Night” (Walk Through Fire)
  3. Escaping Pavement - “White Pines” (Road Warriors) 
  4. Dave Ernst - “Rocket Fuel” (Hickory Switch)
  5. The Brookses - “Over Again” (Lucky Charm) 
  6. Lonesome Shack - “Desert Dreams” (Desert Dreams)
  7. Andrew Leahey - “Queen and King of Smaller Things” (Airwaves)
  8. Boo Ray - “Gone Back Down To Georgia” (Tennessee Alabama Fireworks)

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