Friday, March 29, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops Podcast: Episode 56

We forgot what we talked about in this episode but we know it’ll be fun and entertaining -- just like the music!

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  1. Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - “Counterclockwise” (Americano)
  2. Steven Delopoulos -- “Yellow and Green” (Single)
  3. Son Volt - “Drown” AND “Catching On” (Trace)
  4. The Wild Reeds -- “Young and Impressionable” (Cheers)
  5. Slobberbone - “Placemat Blues” (Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today)
  6. Who? What? Where? Why? And Werewolves? -- “John Blonde Sing My Eulogy” (Greatest Hits)
  7. Two Cow Garage - “Youngstown” (Please Turn The Gas Back On)
  8. Dustin Bentall -- “If Yer Willin’” (High in the Satellite)
  9. Ben Harper - “Temporary Remedy” (Diamonds On The Inside)
  10. Rant & Lewis -- “When the Sun Comes Up” (Single)
INTERVIEW: M Lockwood Porter

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