Thursday, March 7, 2019

Jennah Bell -- Anchors & Elephants

If you want to see into Americana's future, look no further than Jennah Bell. While there is a lot of gate-keeping about what is or isn't country music, but Anchors & Elephants goes to show that all American music comes from the same place -- none of it matters, and all of it is beautiful. Anchors & Elephants is a gauzy tapestry of pop, blues, jazz and folk that presents Bell as powerful and self-assured on her debut.

Bell comes to us by way of Berklee College of Music -- an experience vividly captured in her 5-minute coming-of-age opus, "3'59 (New York)." In the song, Bell carries us along on a gentle breeze even as she herself steels her resolve to follow a divergent path.

Another highlight, "Chapter 3: The Hatchet," has one of the most vivid opening lines in my recent memory. The song begins with a free-floating a capella melody before touching ground and solidifying into a spacious track. "Chapter 3" seems to serve as the keystone to this album: highlighting Bell's poetry and knack for exploration.

Overall, Anchors & Elephants is the kind of radical convergence I enjoy and expect to see more of: breaking down rigid boundaries and definitions for the sake of beauty.

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