Friday, April 19, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 59

Busking brass bands and Jason Isbell’s star turn.
Von’s star turn: 4/19 (TONIGHT!) Badass Cafe, Bradenton, FL
Storytellers Session: Micah Schnabel
  1. Meanlife -- “Let Me No” (Fuckable)
  2. Mike Mains & The Branches - “Live Forever” (When We Were In Love)
  3. Anna Tivel -- “Minneapolis” AND “Homeless Child” (The Question)
  4. Will Kimbrough -- “I’m Not Running Away” (I Like It Down Here)
  5. Big Daddy -- “Ain’t Got No Money” (Deep In My Soul)
  6. John Fusco & The X-Road Riders - “A Stone’s Throw” (John Fusco & The X-Road Riders)
  7. Izzy Heltai -- “Marching Song” (Single)
  8. Hayes Carll -- “American Dream” (What It Is)
  9. Dave Vargo -- “Battle Burns” (Single)
  10. Whitey Morgan & The 78’s -- “Just Got Paid” (Hard Time & White Lines)

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