Thursday, April 25, 2019

HEY! LISTEN: The Careful Ones -- "Boys Can Cry, Too"

It's not my usual fare, but it did stop me in my tracks. The Careful Ones' new song, "Boys Can Cry, Too" is simply one of those songs that feels too delicate to even be possible. If James Vincent McMorrow had stuck to his folkier impulses, this is where he'd land. "Boys Can Cry, Too" is a gentle song that's pregnant with meaning and, most of all, comfort.

The Careful Ones write: "This is the first song from our new album. Each song is dedicated to a different person. This song is dedicated to my older brother as he endured the loss of our mother."

As the careful guitars swell and the intricate harmonies lace together, we get a sense of the spiritual experience described in the lyrics. It's surely a reminder of all that well-crafted music can do for us.

The Careful Ones -- Twitter, Spotify

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