Tuesday, April 9, 2019

HEY! LISTEN: Dar Stellabotta -- "Oh Well"

Dar Stellabotta's carved out an interesting niche for herself, fashioning modern-day blues on homemade cigar-box guitars. I featured her music last fall and am more than happy to remind you to take a gander at her album Lo-Fi Rejection.

Stellabotta uses her instrument to great effect, making a wall of distorted sound for her winsome singing and an anguished, buzzy solo to complement her despondent lyrics. Stellabotta's got a ton of attitude to work with and I look forward to the day when a full backing band can support her while she lets it absolutely rip.

This has been the worst year of my life
I just want to cry
I can't do it no more
Im afraid of whats in store.

Oh well x 4

I got white hairs on my head
pretty soon i'll be dead
thats ok
its not like you care
thats why I sing my songs out there

Oh well x 4

the pain will be over when Im six feet under
then you might, you might wonder
what would have happened if things would have changed
I can't help it I'm pyscho and deranged

Oh well x 4

do you believe in me
or am I a nobody
I though that we were friends
I guess I was wrong, Im always wrong in the end

Oh well x 4

Dar Stellabotta -- Official, Bandcamp

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