Friday, April 19, 2019

Lyman Ellerman -- "Alabama Way"

Lyman Ellerman is the living embodiment of redemption through music. We featured music from his last album, If I Was a Train, a few episodes back on the podcast. That album teased apart Ellerman's experiences with addiction and recovery. Next up for Ellerman, though, is an emphasis on recovery -- and thriving.

"I'm still a firm believer that music should be used for good - inspiration, action, acceptance, healing, laughter", says Ellerman, and his new music does just that. It's possible even to have upbeat songs that are sincere -- and pack a punch. That's what we see here in "Alabama Way."

"My wife was born in Alabama and it started life as a song about her and how I perceive her," says Ellerman. "But I wanted it to be more universally free so to speak. It felt good. It took a while to find that 'feel good' vibe. But when we did, and started recording it, I was finally able to write the last verse. And playing the song live, we've had probably the best reception of any new song I've ever brought out."

Lyman Ellerman -- Official, Facebook

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