Monday, April 22, 2019

PREMIERE: All This Huxley -- "Comrade II"

All This Huxley (a pun on a certain author's name) have a knack for building their songs around hypnotic riffs. The Philly-based band is prepping their next EP, Home Stockholm, a melange of indie rock, folk, and good old-fashioned alienation. "Comrade II" shows the band's strengths and serves as a strong reminder of the importance of individual privacy. You'll have to dig a bit deeper for that theme, but All This Huxley's subtlety makes this song -- and the EP -- a rewarding listen.

“Home, Stockholm was actually crafted very differently than our previous album,” he says. “Our main goal was to create music that continued to incorporate a wide range of genres and influences, including our first album, while preserving our unique sound and style. ‘Comrade II’ is my take on our 1984-inspired track ‘Comrade Winston Smith.’ We wrote it to be a complete standalone, but if you listen to both back to back, you can hear how we built upon the essence of our first album and how it still guides us as we continue to grow as songwriters and musicians.”

Home Stockholm will be out July 5th.

All This Huxley -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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