Thursday, April 18, 2019

PREMIERE: Meanlife -- "Fuckable"

Toronto's Meanlife really leans into their name. You'll hear a few of their songs on tomorrow's episode of Adobe & Teardrops, but you can see here on "Fuckable" that the band really leans into all of the spite and bile they collectively contain, using witty indie rock and punk to vent it.

As far as outlets go, there are worse! And Meanlife makes sure to add some humorous honey to the vinegar of their broader themes. "Fuckable" hits me right in the feels -- those moments where you feel so isolated and disconnected in spite of the many, shallow opportunities to connect (or "connect") with people. For me, Meanlife is all about letting yourself wallow in those emotions for a bit before returning to the rest of your day -- not to mention a broader emotional palette. Their first album, BAD VIBES, will drop July 1st.

Meanlife -- Instagram

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