Friday, April 26, 2019

VIDEO PREMIERE: Josh Nolan -- "Kein Hirte"

I've recently gone on public record stating that I kind of want to throw this all away and only listen to jazz and queer punk. It's not really facetious, it's just that a lot of the Americana coming my way is just kinda...samey and doesn't make my heart skip a beat like it used to.

But that's because I was looking in the wrong places. Josh Nolan's got that country-with-a-punk edge that brought my here in the first place. In his new video, "Kein Hirte," we also see a fan having the same, visceral connection to the music that I've been longing for. I'm pretty sure you will, too. It's off his upcoming album Kind Heart to Follow.

Josh writes, "This was the last song written and recorded, and all of that happened only a month or so before the record was mixed. I knew this song had to be on the record from the beginning, but I only had a few lines and some ideas for the music. I think it took completing the rest of the album to know how it would fit in to Kind Heart To Follow. I guess in some way the album itself helped create this song. That's how it ended up being the namesake."

Nolan is a powerhouse multi-instrumentalist, performing on stage and in the studio with William Matheny, Short & Co., Sean Whiting, Senora May, and his sister, Chelsea Nolan. This is his first release since 2014 and it's gonna be a barn-burner.

A Kind Heart to Follow is out on May 17th.

Josh Nolan -- Official, Facebook, Purchase/Preorder

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