Tuesday, April 30, 2019

VIDEO: The Shootouts -- "Quick Draw"

Stands to reason if you're reading this, you know country music doesn't need to come from the country. In The Shootouts' new video for "Quick Draw," we get a glimpse of the band exploring the streets of Brooklyn while they recorded Quick Draw, their newest album.

The Shootouts take pride in old-school honky tonk and that faithfulness shows in "Quick Draw," an instrumental track that shows all of the band members' chops. As a music geek myself, I like seeing how the sausage gets made and taking a peek at this footage was as fun as listening to the song itself.

Indeed, it seems to have a life of its own. "I wrote and arranged "Quick Draw" in one evening," says guitarist Brian Poston. "The tune seemed to write itself. It’s an expression of what I think country guitar pickin is all about — what makes it unique. The main theme of the tune is inspired by pedal steel and guitar licks from "Almost to Tulsa," an instrumental record by The Texas Troubadours. I had been, and still am, studying Leon Rhodes, Buddy Charleton and Buddy Emmons. Playing this tune is a result of listening to those amazing players and the education that offers.”

Quick Draw will be out on May 10th. You'll be hearing more from them on an upcoming episode of the Adobe & Teardrops podcast! Subscribe wherever all top-notch podcasts are found!

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