Friday, May 31, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 64

Sorry we're a little late! 
Von does squats, Rachel goes to a queer punk show, the inner circle to this Venn Diagram is Daddy Hulk in Avengers Endgame. (For reference, some Tom of Finland photos for you.)
Get tickets to stream (or go!) to Micah Schnabel’s Storytellers’ Session on June 13th here

  1. CJ Ramone - “One High One Low” (The Holy Spell...)
  2. Kora Feder -- “Still We Write” (In Sevens)
  3. Chris Robinson Brotherhood - “The Chauffeur’s Daughter” (Servants Of The Sun)
  4. David Samuel Project -- “Emerald City” (The Sound of Seattle)
  5. Jesse Dayton - “Redneck Friend” (Single)
  6. Caroline Spence -- “Long Haul” (Mint Condition)
  7. Big Nothing - “Quiet One” (Chris)
  8. Willard Gayheart and Friends -- “Sweet Virginia Beauty” (At Home in the Blue Ridge)
  9. The War And Treaty - “Healing Tide” (Single)
  10. Nate Currin -- “Guilt and Grief” (Ashes and Earth)

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