Friday, June 28, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 68

Von is a classic Taurus, in case you couldn’t tale. Rachel’s going on a social media diet. Von had some weekend struggles.

All that, and more! Also, music!

Shorty & The Mob - “Mississippi” (Single)
Lucy Isabel -- “How It Goes” AND “Don’t Ask Me Why” (Rambling Stranger)
Mason Jennings - “Two Dollar Man” AND “Arma” (Wild Dark Metal)
Lucky Cat -- “Other Oceans” AND “Numb” (How Your House Might Not Be Safe)
The Allman Betts Band - “Shinin’”(Single)
Josh Nolan -- “The Honeysuckle (Hold On)” AND “Lady Luck” (A Kind Heart to Follow)
Frank Turner - “Little Changes - Choir! Choir! Choir!” AND “Don’t Worry” (Don’t Worry EP)
Ben Leece -- “Nothing (Not Anymore)” (No Wonder the World is Exhausted)(SH)
New Swears - “Bells Corner” AND “Concrete Cowboy” (Night Mirror)
Patrick Jordan -- “Pulling Me Through” (Single) (SH)

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