Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Femi Taiwo -- "Space For My Guitar"

Sometimes, songs just need to speak for themselves. That's true of Femi Taiwo's "Space For My Guitar," a truly cosmic blend of blues and hip-hop that elegantly delineates the bridge between the generation of great bluesmen and great hypemen. Taiwo's guitar pyrotechnics slowly build to a dazzling crescendo that shows Taiwo says what he means -- there's no need for anything as long as he's got a place to lay his guitar.

Femi Taiwo is a Nigerian American artist currently based in Washington, DC. He fell in love with the traditional music in Nigerian religious and social gatherings growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, learning traditional dances. After learning piano at the age of eight, he would spend his formative years learning saxophone and being exposed to jazz and classical music. In college, he joined the Indiana University Soul Revue where he honed his skills even further, beginning to experiment more and more with hip-hop. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophones, Afro-Brazilian percussion), rapper, and singer, his projects feature heavy use of live instrumentation, much of which he performs himself.

It's hard to find Femi's music online, though this seems to be his CV, proving he's got a host of talents in addition to his electric guitar. You can track down "Space For My Guitar" here on whatever streaming service you desire. He also has a bunch of stuff on Soundcloud.

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