Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hey! Listen: Bedroom Days -- "Crocodile Tears"

"I hope you come back,"  the narrator croons. We know where this story is going. Bedroom Days (Cody Christian and Matteo Russo) slowly, masterfully, crank up the heat on the music. "Crocodile Tears" sure sounds like a moment of triumph, the catharsis of someone unburdening themselves of their guilt. But even as the song swells around us, something is off.

"It's a song about a person that is desperate to get someone back," the band explains. "And it starts out more as a love song then by the end you realize the protagonist is more just selfish and doesn't really care about his former partner at all. Kind of a song about love addiction and codependency."

"Bedroom Days" is one of those songs that's like catnip today; a steel guitar to keep things grounded, a beautiful duet, and punk rock intensity. I love the way the song unfurls and plays with your heartstrings, much like a toxic ex who swears they've changed this time around. You want to believe them in their heroic vulnerability, even when they've proven themselves to be less than time and time again.

Bedroom Days -- Spotify, Soundcloud

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