Wednesday, June 5, 2019

HEY! LISTEN: The High Divers -- "Stick Around"

Von and I have been giving the High Divers a whole lot of love lately. (In fact, you'll hear a few more songs off their Sadler Vaden-produced EP Ride With You on Friday's episode.) The Charleston-based band delivers gentle folk rock with lush instrumentation, bold singing, and intricate harmonies that remind me of Great Peacock. That the High Divers is actually a network of childhood friends from Hilton Head Island goes a long way to explaining their synergy.

Photo by Joelle Rosen
“Stick Around” is an urgent call-to-action in the wake of numerous friends falling prey to suicide. “If you’re hurting, your house is haunted," calls lead singer Luke Mitchell, "You just need a friend around.” Having gone through a rather intense sense of isolation recently, Mitchell's warm words are just what I needed to hear. The band packs a whopping amount of sincerity into this 3:31 -- difficult to do when addressing such an emotional topic. This strength and commitment to their music bodes well for the High Divers' own staying power.  

Ride With You will be out this Friday, June 7th.

The High Divers -- Official, Facebook, Spotify

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