Friday, July 19, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 71

A note on the Women’s World Cup win. Also, just the nerdiest episode of this podcast, possible. Also, an interview with Brandon Stansell!

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Music in this episode:
  1. Holodeck Heart -- “Beam Me Up Hottie” AND “Baby I’m a Bottom” (Engayge)
  2. Shane Sweeney -- “Constant, Constant” AND “Weeping Willow” (Love, The Dynamo)
  3. Have Gun Will Travel -- “Infinite Traveler” AND “American History” (Strange Chemistry)
  4. Rebecca Haviland and the Whiskey Heart -- “Stone Cold Lonesome” (Single)
  5. Caroline Shaw, Attacca Quartet -- “Entr’acte” AND “Plan & Elevation: IV. The Orangery” (Orange)
  6. Pillow Queens -- “HowDoILook” (Single)
  7. The Rev -- “Sea Level” AND “El Diablo” (El Diablo)
  8. Taylor Alexander -- “Good Old-Fashioned Pain” (Single)
  9. Eastbound Buzz -- “Looking For Trouble” AND “Big Smoke” (Opportunity Shop)
  10. Nik Davies -- “Flight of the Monarchs” (Unfurl)
PLUS an interview w/ Brandon Stansell, featuring his new single “Top Shelf!"

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