Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hey! Listen: Tony Harrah -- "Sweet Lucinda"

"Sweet Lucinda" should've had a happier story. Charleston, West Virginia-based Tony Harrah had his album, Unicorns, in the can. It centers on themes of loss and redemption -- but also captures life with his wife and three boys. Unfortunately, Harrah's wife passed away suddenly in her sleep, giving Unicorns a tragic new dimension.

“During my eulogy for her, I called her my ‘unicorn.’ I said these mythical creatures do exist, and that I caught one once,” Tony says.

Credit: Rafael Barker c.2019
The album’s first single, “Sweet Lucinda,” is storyteller folk that traces the ups and downs of a profound relationship. This track was also Tony’s wife’s favorite on the album. He explains: “That song is about our life together, and the idea that we were a normal relationship that spanned 15 years together and 9 years married.”

Aside from the song's unfortunate prophecy, it'll remind you of American Aquarium's sense of ragged defiance. Life often travels in a crooked line, but with enough grit and enough fight, you can find your way back to where you need to be. "Sweet Lucinda" seems to luxuriate in this freedom -- the joy in the fight-- as much as it mourns Lucinda's loss.

Tony Harrah -- Official, Facebook

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