Monday, August 19, 2019

PREMIERE: Lisa Bell -- "I Can't Stand the Rain"

It's never too late! Lisa Bell is releasing her first album of songs written completely by herself, Back Seat. While Bell's music has its Americana influences, she trends towards jazz, bringing a smooth sense of confidence to her songs. On "I Can't Stand the Rain," Bell and her son create a rich soundscape to explore some stormy circumstances. Bell provided more information on the song below. 

What prompted you to write the song? Is there a story behind it?

While on the writing retreat at the cabin in the woods when I wrote this, it started pouring rain, with lightning and thunder. I was bummed that it took me away from being outside. But the phrase “I Can’t Stand the Rain” came to mind, and I thought it would be interesting to use it as a metaphor for emotions in a confusing relationship. “I can’t stand the rain clouding my vision. It takes it all away, can’t make a decision.”

Was this a song that came easily to you, or did it take some time to write? 

The hook came right away, and the verses followed quickly. I developed the bridge with my son (Brendan Bell, a.k.a. DJ Covex) when he came up to the cabin to work with me. I credit him for the concept. We played with different effects on this song as well, including the sounds of rain captured outside the cabin on that trip.

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This is the first album where you wrote virtually all of the songs yourself. How does it feel to have achieved that? Do you have a sense of pride from the accomplishment? 

I’m very proud of the album! While I have written lyrics and melodies for years, I always used co-writers to help develop the chord structure. I know music theory but had just never had the courage to sit down and write songs from start to finish. Once I decided that I indeed had the knowledge and tools to write, the songs started flowing.

This is an album coming from an empty nester. How do you feel that being at this stage in your life has impacted you as a performer and a songwriter? 

This is certainly my most mature album that tackles difficult topics and addresses relationships from a “been there, done that (many times), wrote the song about it” perspective. The songs came directly from my heart, and weren’t heavily influenced by anyone but me. My wisdom and knowledge informed the lyrics and passion behind every song.

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