Friday, August 2, 2019

PREMIERE: Tucker Riggleman and the Cheap Dates -- "Neck Breaker"

I've been drawn to Tucker Riggleman's music precisely because it's so intense and raw...yet has an intriguing sense of distance. Riggleman and his new band, the Cheap Dates, are giving us a brand new EP today with Heaven, and it's a little less twang and a little more growl. You can see their tour dates below.

Riggleman's lyrics can be a bit opaque, but he's got a gift that makes the emotions behind them shine through, even if the words aren't something that lines up with your experience. On "Neck Breaker," Riggleman propositions a sometimes-lover while the Cheap Dates tear through the song at, well, a break-neck pace:

Even if I never catch you
At least it's pretty work to do
You're never easy on the heart
But you're easy on the eyes

Riggleman brings a growl of desperation to the song that reminds me of NQ Arbuckle. There's an earthiness to that immediacy that sucks me in like a moth to a flame. One of these days I'll get to see Tucker in person, but if you're in the West Virginia area you can and should avail yourself of the tour dates above.

Tucker Riggleman -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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