Thursday, September 12, 2019

PREMIERE: Kristopher James -- "Too Soon, Too Late"

"We all have different relationships with love, no matter what kind of relationship we have," writes crooner Kristopher James. "Be it platonic, familial, romantic - they ebb and flow and if we're not being mindful - if we're too into it or oblivious, love could come "too soon" and we're not really ready for it, or it can come 'too late' - like it's in our rear view and we're stuck with only questions."

That lack of preparation is not how James rolls, though. Nor is it evident in "Too Soon, Too Late." The song marks something of a return for James, who blew me away with his last release in 2016, Find Me. After taking time to recover from surgery, James has returned to singing in excellent form -- and once you listen to "Too Soon, Too Late," you'll understand what I relief that is.

"Too Soon, Too Late" is a perfect primer for anyone who has yet to hear the swooning shifts and transcendent swells in James's voice. If his delivery wasn't so sincere, you'd think he was showboating. Fortunately, James has the graciousness to share his gift with the rest of us -- and the humility to get down to our level. Comfortably nestled between folk and soul, James's music reminds us how liberating vulnerability can be.

Kristopher James -- Official, Facebook

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