Friday, November 1, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 86

World Series bandwagoning, CD players are still king, and a little anarchist history with your traditional country music!
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  1. Ags Connolly -- “Sad Songs Forever” (Wrong Again)
  2. Suitcase Sam -- “Growing Up” (Goodnight Riverdale Park)
  3. Blind Adam and the Federal League -- “How Do They Sleep at Night” (Blind Adam and the Federal League)
  4. Sayed Sabrina -- “Into the Mouth of the Serpent” (Thou Art That)
  5. Young Mister -- “Best” (Sudden Swoon)
  6. Split Rail -- “MY TRUTH” (Axe to Grind)
  7. Songs:Ohia -- “Lioness” (The Lioness)
  8. John Burnette -- “Mercy Mercy” (Parlor One)
  9. Hollier -- “Wrestle My Heart” (Wild Eyes)

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