Friday, December 20, 2019

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 93

Sell your art at the holiday market, ask musicians to provide background on an article about Folk Alliance and diversity, be a secret Santa, release a podcast of fantastic music: looks like you have Rachel’s to-do list!
  1. WACO -- “Catbrain” (Human Magic)
  2. Willolux -- “Safe Spaces” (Armour)
  3. Spike Casino -- “Almost Summer” (Single)
  4. Triggers & Slips -- “Blue Smoke” (The Stranger)
  5. Erin Enderlin -- “The Queen of Marina del Rey” (Faulkner County)
  6. Justin Kaleb Driggers -- “Into My Arms” (Single)
  7. Wake Up John -- “Four Walls” (Fugitive Closure)
  8. Tsibele -- “Indroysn iz Finster/It’s Dark Outside” (It’s Dark Outside)
  9. Our Native Daughters -- “Polly Ann’s Hammer” (Songs of Our Native Daughters)
  10. I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch In the House -- “Break All Your Strings” (Mayberry)
  11. The Tall Shaves -- “Dance ‘Til Morning” (Single)
  12. Andrea Tomasi -- “West Virginia” (Hurricane Dream)
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