Wednesday, December 4, 2019

HEY! LISTEN: Lewin -- "Don't You Dare"

When art imitates life and then life imitates art, it can be a bit tricky. For Dutch artist Lewin, that scenario came abruptly. As she wrote a series of breakup songs with then-partner and producer Aaron Ahrends, it turned out that the songs predicted the unraveling of their relationship.

After the pair recorded the songs, Lewin released them on an EP called For the Left Behind. Her latest release, For the Leaving, shows Lewin's new interpretation of the breakup with some added perspective, giving her agency.

Credit: Lieke Romeijn

That's best shown on "Don't you Dare," a delicate ballad that culminates in Lewin's resentment and anger towards her ex. Sometimes it takes a little time to process the grief -- but, eventually, you realize it's not all your fault, no matter what your ex might say. Especially if they dumped you in a shitty way.

Lewin's delivery reminds me of Anna Tivel while the depth of her songwriting calls to mind Erin Rae.
The song masterfully portrays that emotional arc, beginning with a melancholy verse that gradually builds into a triumphant climax.

For the Leaving is out now. In March, Lewin will release an album that combines both EPs with an additional five songs.

Lewin -- Official, Facebook, Soundcloud

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