Wednesday, January 8, 2020

VIDEO: William Lawrence -- "Slow Dancing on a High Wire"

I was really taken by this song on Episode 84 of the podcast. Lawrence's melancholy vocals and hopeful tone brought to mind a sort of country-tinged Fountains of Wayne. Lawrence is the drummer for the Felice Brothers, so he's had plenty of time to absorb indie rock-leaning Americana at the hands of some of the best in the game. "Slow Dancing on a High Wire" is a quiet masterpiece in that sense.

The new music video, directed by Ian McGuire, allows the delicate song to unfold with real drama. It details the quiet desperation of a tense couple on a night out at the dive bar in a snowy upstate city. (Kingston? New Paltz?) The video focuses on the suspense of the psychological dance -- the death-defying feat of resolving long-simmering tension. The subtle movements captured by the camera beautifully accentuate Lawrence's delicate lyrics. You definitely find yourself rooting for the couple by the end of the video.

Enjoy a little sweetness and what is somehow, one week in, already turning out to be a nightmare of a year!

William Lawrence -- Bandcamp, Facebook

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