Thursday, February 13, 2020

Concert Announcement: Goldenchild and The Great Dying in Brooklyn!

You'll get to hear more about this on tomorrow's podcast, but if you're in NYC there is some great live music coming down the pipe!

This coming Thursday, 2/20, Goldenchild and The Great Dying will be performing at C'mon Everybody! If you've been reading the blog or listening to the podcast for a while, you know I can't get enough of Wiley Gaby and his country pop. This time around, Wiley's got the full Goldenchild complement playing with him at queer-friendly bar C'Mon Everybody. 

The first time The Great Dying came to NYC in November 2019 I thought it would be a good idea to connect them. Bette was born and raised in Bette-Stuy and they were familiar with one another both having worked at the studio here in Water Valley, MS. They ended up doing a fun night together over at Rockwell Hall. 

The Great Dying is a natural to share the bill with Goldenchild. Matt Patton, owner of The Great Dying's label Dial Back Sound, explained how the show came to be. "I signed The Great Dying up for Bandcamp over the holidays last year. When I started booking the February tour I used it to find local support. I thought it enhanced our efforts because The Great Dying isn’t something your average country or alt-country fan is going to come around to immediately. The search tools on Bandcamp allowed us to identify those outliers who are finding success in the scene without only focusing on the current trends in twangy music. I liked that Goldenchild displayed a love of the classics as well as stuff like The Smiths."

Bed-Stuy native Bette Smith will also accompany the Great Dying.

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