Friday, March 6, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 105

Tales from the land of entitled white people -- and excellent country music!

  1.  Jim Lauderdale -- “Better Than You Found It” (When Carolina Comes Home Again)
  2. Charlie Mtn. -- “Good Luck” (Single)
  3. Katie Pruitt -- “Grace Has a Gun” (Expectations)
  4. Malena Cadiz -- “Motel Evangeline” (Single)
  5. Esme Patterson -- “Shelby Tell Me Everything” (There Will Come Soft Rains)
  6. James Hunter Six -- “Who’s Fooling Who?” (Nick of Time)
  7. Chicago Farmer -- “Deer in the Sky” (Flyover Country)
  8. Melissa Payne -- “Shake Me” (Darker Than Your Dark)
  9. Grace Gillespie -- “Goodbye” (Single)
  10. Shadwick Wilde -- “Rain” (Single) 

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