Friday, March 27, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 110

Lots of beautiful, restful music.

Plus, I interview Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth, something I had hoped I could maybe do when I started Adobe & Teardrops almost ten years ago! I hope you’ll see why Cowboy Mouth has mattered so much to me and so many others over the years, plus an interesting look at how to roll with the punches of the music industry.
  1. Brian Fallon -- “You Have Stolen My Heart” AND “Horses” (Local Honey)
  2. Lilly Hiatt -- “Some Kind of Drug” AND “Candy Lunch” (Walking Proof)
  3. Julie Nolen -- “Hey Bartender” AND “Battleground” (Songs of Dignity & Grit)
  4. Tyler Lance Walker Gill -- “So Called Christian Politicans” AND “The Ghost” (Tyler Lance Walker Gill)
  5. Harmony Byrne -- “Good Idea” (Single)
  6. Nick Bowen -- “Helpless Here” AND “Missing You” (A Moment in Time)
  7. Mike Blair and the Stonewalls -- “American Writer” (Single)
  8. Suzie Chism -- “Five Minute Face” (Single)
  9. Michael Saulnier “Somebody Someday Somehow” (Single)
INTERVIEW: Cowboy Mouth

Featuring: “Kiss the Baby” (Open Wide) and “The Avenue” (Live Recording)

All earnings from this month’s podcast will go to tornado relief in Nashville.

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