Thursday, March 26, 2020

HEY! LISTEN: Panther Hollow -- "Mars"

Panther Hollow is the project of Bernardo Ochoa — a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Queens, NY. After growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, Bernardo attended New York University to study Music Composition. He currently plays in a slew of bands in the NYC’s indie scene, including Daisy the Great, Ackerman, and Modern Diet.


"Mars" is Panther Hollow’s latest single. Songwriter Bernardo Ochoa initially began sketches for the song in the summer of 2018 after months of learning to identify Mars in the horizon. In 2019, Bernardo began making demos in his room using a Tascam Portastudio 424 Cassette 4-Track. This is one of those demos.

It's a low-fi song of vulnerability -- but the self-recorded demos show that Ochoa is more confident than he seems. Catchy and charming, there's a reason Panther Hollow is a regular around here. You can name your price for the song on Bandamp, but I recommend throwing in a dollar two. 


Three in the morning and my head is hanging low
I don't have a roadmap to tell me when I'm wrong
Three in the morning and Mars is burning bright
Will you hold me till the breaking light

Three in the morning and I'm lying on the floor
Cause the room is so hot that I'll sweat through all my clothes
Three in the morning and my head is filled with light
Can you open the door and just stop by

Three in the morning and I'm thinking about you
About the fearless way in which you carry yourself through
This life and all the ways you make me feel alive
Will you hold me and tell me it's alright

Panther Hollow -- Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp

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