Tuesday, March 3, 2020

VIDEO: Shawn Butzin -- "What Did I Mean To You?"

Shawn Butzin's plain-spoken country has graced these pixels before. I'm happy to say he's got some more music coming out, including this song, "What Did I Mean To You?" Based in Traverse City, MI, Butzin was inspired to make a go at music professionally in the wake of his father's death.

That sense of gentle nostalgia provides a beautiful patina of loss on Butzin's latest single, "What Did I Mean to You?"

Butzin told Ditty TV, where it originally premiered, "The video was produced and recorded by Bryan Lackner at Lucky Penny Media. We wanted to shoot the video on a gloomy day in Detroit, where it tends to be on the down-trodden side of things. Generally speaking, the song is about a relationship that ended abruptly, leaving me to think the relationship didn't have much meaning to it at all, and this is where the lyrics come in 'What did I mean to you? Probably nothing at all.'"

Butzin will release his next EP this year.

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