Thursday, April 2, 2020

VIDEO: Jeremy Squires -- "Diminish"

Just when you needed some uplifting music, Jeremy Squires is here to put you in your place. Squires, a longtime favorite of Adobe & Teardrops, has just released a new passel of music.

First up is "Diminish," an intoxicating arrangement that will remind you of a deflated Jason Molina. Yet there's a compassion in Squires' voice that makes you think there's some defiance left in the narrator's soul.

Squires has also release an album of covers, which I'll be featuring on tomorrow's episode of Adobe & Teardrops. (You can subscribe using your favorite podcast app -- or come back here tomorrow!) Squires breathes melancholy into each of his re-interpretations, leaving some songs quite a bit more devastating than the original writers intended, while others -- like his cover of "Heart Shaped Box" -- gain some tenderness.

Jeremy Squires -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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