Saturday, June 6, 2020

Anti-Racist Voices of Country and Americana Music

I love seeing all the support for black country and Americana artists! Keep it up!

AND we need to get that audience involved in the work of anti-racism. Help me make a playlist of anti-racist country and Americana songs by white people!

Here’s what I mean by anti-racism:

Songs about complicity with racism and tackling it. Songs about taking ACTION against racism.

What songs are NOT anti-racist? – I don’t consider songs by white people calling for “unity” or pointing out the evils of racism. These are important, of course, but we need music that encourages people to ACT.

As we’ve seen this week, white country and Americana artists are making a show of support, but many could do more. This is a learning process for musicians and their audiences alike, and I believe white people can also benefit from white role models who have been doing the work.

Is there a song that needs to be added? Let me know! Listen here.

If you want to learn about black artists in the Americana and country world, check out this playlist by Rachel Hurley.

My playlist of anti-racist voices in country and Americana music currently features M Lockwood Porter, Karen and the Sorrows, Kasey Anderson, Micah Schnabel, Amy Ray, Jason Isbell, Lee Bains III, and Lavender Country! Who else should be there?

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