Monday, August 24, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 133

Since this episode is, uh...a little late, everyone gets the extended cut!
Vacation, Bella in the country, work troubles, refrigerators, spicy takes about Bright Eyes, and a whole buttload of music!
Album of the Week: Hayley Thompson-King -- Sororicide
This album is so cool. Thompson-King is a woman with intense artistic vision: her debut Psychotic Melancholia introduced the main themes on Sororicide. Thompson-King, a trained opera singer, used her sophomore album to tell the story of a woman (who may or not be the artist herself) whose artistic vision is so all-consuming she’s convinced it’s the voice of the twin she absorbed in utero
Thompson-King uses this album to explore the musical motifs throughout her life so far: New York punk, opera, and Americana. It’s a bold and adventurous vision and Thompson-King and her band realize it with aplomb.
  1. L.A. Witch -- “Gen-Z” AND “Motorcycle Boy” (Play With Fire)
  2. Hayley Thompson-King -- “All the Boys Love You” AND “Liederjahr” (Sororicide)
  3. Benchmarks -- “Six One Way” AND “The Good Fight” (Summer, Slowly)
  4. Chuck Prophet -- “High As Johnny Thunders” AND “Love Doesn’t Come From the Barrel of a Gun” (The Land That Time Forgot)
  5. Caleb JE Brown -- “Ellie” (Single)
  6. HC McEntire -- “Footman’s Coat” AND “Time, On Fire” (Eno Axis)
  7. Kathleen Edwards -- “Ashes to Ashes” AND “Birds on a Feeder” (Total Freedom)
  8. Rebecca Karpen -- “Minyan in a Ghost Town” (Corona Park)
  9. Ross Cirri -- “Kings in Paradise” (Blood Red)
  10. Bad Flamingo -- “Butter” (Single)
  11. Jessye de Silva -- “Missouri” (Quarantine Sessions)
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