Friday, September 4, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 135

Rachel talks Justin Townes Earle, Williamsburg blues, and an inspirational quote from Leslie Feinberg’s Stone Butch Blues. (Also, she misspoke -- this is episode 135, not 136!)

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Rainbow Rodeo Cover Illustration by Luyi Bennett

  1. Justin Townes Earle -- “Workin’ For the MTA” (Harlem River Blues)
  2. Erin Frisby -- “Theia and Gaia” (ECDYSIS)
  3. Jeremy Parsons -- “Good Ole Days” (Single)
  4. Emily Barker -- “The Woman Who Planted Trees” (A Dark Murmuration of Words)
  5. Lawn -- “Nighttime Creatures” (Johnny)
  6. Fuimos Viajeros -- “Viaje 3” (Dulce Condena)
  7. Tennessee Jet -- “Off to War” (The Country)
  8. Rachel Angel -- “Strapped” (Highway Songs)
  9. Ashley Riley -- “Close To Me” (Single)
  10. Bethany Thomas -- “Walls + Ceilings” (BT/SHE/HER)
  11. Caitlin Quisenberry -- “Imogene” (Single)
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