Friday, September 25, 2020

Adobe & Teardrops: Episode 138

Listen to the Amythyst Kiah episode of Country Queer Spotlight.

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Album of the Week: Bette Smith -- The Good, The Bad, The Bette

 Bette Smith is a Bed-Stuy native -- and Southern soul seems to course through her veins. At least, that’s how it sounds on her debut album, produced by Drive By Truckers’ Matt Patton. Smith is gifted with a unique, almost carbonized singing voice, but that’s not the only part of her music that stands out. Smith is able to embody her songs in a way that will send little thrills up and down your spine -- assuming you aren’t transported along with her.
Note: This episode was recorded before the Breonna Taylor ruling, though Tyler’s song and album absolutely speaks for itself and is regrettably more relevant than ever. I linked to Tyler’s YouTube message in the show notes.
  1. Bette Smith -- “I Felt It Too” (The Good, The Bad, And The Bette)
  2. Jake Winstrom -- “Come to Texas She Said” (Circles)
  3. Liz Longley -- “Finally High” (Funeral For My Past)
  4. Multimagic -- “Manic Daze” (Manic Daze)
  5. Raye Zaragoza -- “They Say” (Single)
  6. Michael C. Duguay -- “This City is a Grid” (The Winter of Our Discotheque)
  7. The Rivergods -- “Long Way Down” (Passages)
  8. Durango Blue -- “See You Home” (Single)
  9. Hannah Lee Thompson -- “Handsome Ugly” (Single)
  10. John Calvin Abney -- “Shine Like a Friend” (Single)
  11. Bug Martin & Co. -- “Just For the Hell Of It” (All That Is and What Ain’t)
  12. Maple Run Band -- “Borderline” (Maple Run Band)
  13. Charles Ellsworth -- “Paranoia (A Nü Start)” (Single)
  14. Thomas Stajcer -- “Who Will Listen to Country Music When the Trucks Drive Themselves?” (Single)

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