Friday, September 18, 2020

VIDEO: Ron Pope (ft. Emily Scott Robinson) -- "Turning Back"

Ron Pope's been using this pause in touring to take a look back at his catalogue. Using fan responses from his livestream performances, Pope has revisited his deep cuts and dusted off songs that had yet to be released. He's also been collaborating with some of the finest singers in the genre, as we saw in "A Little More Love" a month ago.

For "Turning Back," Pope recruited Emily Scott Robinson, a phenomenal singer-songwriter from Colorado whose song "The Dress" is enough to shake you to your core. 

Photo Credit: Blair Clark

The pair trade harmonies beautifully, while Pope paints a picture of the quiet, beautiful moments in a mature relationship.

Of the song, Pope writes: "There are so many songs about those first few seconds when you're falling in love and your brain is constantly on fire. 'Turning Back' is about something that happens long, long after that. Jeff (my writing partner on this song) and I were talking about grown up love (we're both married and have little ones); at this point in my life, a quiet moment with my wife feels like a real luxury. Whenever we get those simple, sweet moments, we cherish them. This is an entire chapter of the love story that nobody ever writes about; here we are, deep in this thing, still loving each other with absolutely no intention of turning around. It's different than the beginning, but it's deeper and that much more beautiful as a result."

You can watch Pope's stunning music video for the song below:

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