Thursday, November 19, 2020

VIDEO: Half/Brother -- "Second Avenue"

 I think I've written a few times now that I feel homesick for New York City...even though I'm still right here. (Unlike those yellowbellies who fled in the spring.) 

So it's poignant to watch Half/Brother's video for "Second Avenue," both to see footage of a part of the city I just haven't been to in a while, but also to see how much of it has changed. It gives the song itself -- reminiscing about an old flame -- some extra heft.

When we get to the chorus and hear "I remember the way it was/On Second Avenue" it's not just about warm memories of a youth gone by too fast, but a way of life we won't regain for quite some time. (Though based on some of the people in the video, there are plenty who aren't rising to the moment to change their lifestyles.) The steel guitar certainly adds to the atmosphere.

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