Wednesday, November 18, 2020

VIDEO: Jenn Grinels -- "Resilience"

Nashville veteran Jenn Grinels relocated to Portland, and in doing so found the grounding she needed to get to work on her new album, Go Mine, set to be released on November 20th. 

The album features elements of soul, jazz, folk, blues, pop, Americana, and rock. Grinels’ music has a poised delivery and balanced power reminiscent of long-established rock icons like Bonnie Raitt, and the loose, expectation-defying variety of artists like Martin Sexton 

Photo: Anna Haas

"Resilience" is the 4th single from Jenn's forthcoming album, Go Mine. About the song, Jenn said: "When I wrote this song, I never could have imagined just how much our resilience would be tested in these times. I hope this song reaches all who need it. I hope it provides catharsis and serves as a glimmering reminder that we will get through this: all that this year has thrown at us… on top of everything we already wrestle with and endure."

The video for "Resilience" highlights the isolation and hardships we've endured in 2020, though the song has a more timeless message, and feels it was written about a much more personal experience. As the string section swells -- not with triumph, but with acknowledgement -- anyone who has had to embody the word "resilience" will find their heart pulled along with the crescendo. 

"We will [endure]; we humans are incredibly resilient creatures," Grinels continues. "This stunningly beautiful, emotional video was championed by my Patreon patrons, who not only funded its making, but were the voices that suggested and encouraged its creation. They reminded me that music helps get us through difficult times and this is a song some people might really need right now. I wanted to release this song back in March, but it got caught up in the flurry of my other singles. Then I was worried that the moment had passed. Unfortunately - it hadn't - and this song feels even MORE relevant now." 

 Go Mine is out this Friday, November 20th.

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