Thursday, December 3, 2020

HEY! LISTEN: Nathan Sheridan -- "Take It Away"

Adobe & Teardrops is not usually a home for Christian music, suffice to say, but when you've got a voice like Nathan Sheridan's, a lot of doors open for you. Sheridan's new single, "Take It Away," touches on universal themes of struggle and loss. The song is carried along by a gentle, insistent rhythm that nods to Sheridan's beginnings in Christian music. The song is anything but anodyne, however, with a gripping performance from Sheridan. 

Photo by Wesley Mannino

"I kind of wrote this song not knowing exactly what it was about," he writes. "I knew it was about my faith. Looking back, it's kind of wrestling with God. Asking him to take away the things in my life that aren't good for me and to even take away the things I hold dear. My idols. Whether that be my music, money, etc. I don't necessarily even think it's a song about salvation, but more likely a recommitment to putting my focus back on him where it matters. A renewing of my mind. I think other listeners, they could interpret the song completely differently. To me, it's a special song for that reason. This song has a few different layers to it and is even a bit ambiguous at times. That wasn't on purpose, but I think it's appropriate considering we all go through different struggles and it's nice when a song can speak into those struggles." 

Nathan started his career in the contemporary Christian music community and made a name for himself there. Nathan started to fall in love with the Americana/folk genre and found it had the honesty and raw qualities he found lacking within the Christian music genre. Nathan desired to make music that was true to him and didn’t have to fit a specific mold.

He started his journey into this new sound when writing his song “Again”. “Again” depicts the nostalgic past of Nathan Sheridan and how we all wish we could live those memories, good or bad, again. CMT picked up the music video created for this song, and “Again” made it to number 8 on the 12 Pack Countdown.

The success of making it to CMT sparked momentum in Nathan to continue to dive deeper into the Americana/ folk genre. Currently, Nathan is working on new music that is real and plans to release it in the near future. Nathan’s goal is to always write honest, raw music that both relates to his fans and makes them think.

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